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we noticed this round hair loss overnight in our grey. it is on her back. it looks a little red. we went to vet she did a culture of some hairs. It will take 10 days to know. She thought maybe some kind of fungus? She wasnt sure. she was looking in her dermatology book...lol.. anyone have any experience with fungus or ringworm in their grey and how do i keep it from spreading or from us catching it?


I forgot how to put a pic in my signature. Please pm me if you can help. Thanks

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Guest greytmonty

Very frequent hand washing. Do not let your grey share a bed with other animals, wash his/her bedding daily, and do not let your grey sleep on YOUR bed.

The culture will take 10-14 days.


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Guest alannamac

I don't think it would hurt to go ahead and apply a topical antifungal to see if it begins to clear (as long as the skin is not broken). You can get Monistat cream (for women's yeast infections.....yep it's an antifungal miconazole I think is the active ingredient in this one) and apply to see if symptoms are relieved.


It would be best to phone your vet in the morning just to check and see if there's anything wrong with doing this, but I can't imagine what it could hurt (unless you pile too much on the spot and your pup ingests it..........)

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Guest SusanP

Once when we thought Zippy had ringworm, our vet had us begin treating it while we waited for the culture, just in case. The culture was negative in the end, but we'd been through ringworm once among us humans before we got the dogs, and we didn't want to take any chances.

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Guest KennelMom

One of our recently adopted kittens <apparently> came with ringworm...can we say NOT FUN? I actually got it on my arm :puke Our remedy: quarantine all the cats, baths twice a week with a special shampoo (the only thing worse than bathing a cat is bathing FOUR cats :riphair ), a topical liquid for the spots they developed and oral medication twice a day. I removed ALL fabric from their room and tossed it or bleached the h*ll out of it, sprayed the entire room down w/a dilute bleach mixture once a day. All I can say is thank doG the cats live in the kennel and not in the house and thank doG it didn't spread to the dogs via my arm.

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