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Skin Condition

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Our shy grey we had about a month. we just noticed a small round piece of skin that has no hair on it. It is on the side of her back. It was never there before. It is like it just happened overnight. Do greys have specific skin conditions? It is small and round like but you see the skin no hair on it at all. We are worried it may spread? We are due at the end of this week to giver her the next application of advantage too. We didn't know if that will affect it?

Thanks for any helpful advice.


I forgot how to put a pic in my signature. Please pm me if you can help. Thanks

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Guest SoulsMom

Soul has these all over because he had a staph infection. The "bald" spot was due to what was left when the "pimples" healed. Don't know if this is what is going on with your sweetie, just sharing what has happened with Soul. Antibiotics cleared up the infection and no more "pimples" or little bald spots!

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