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Sunny Had Her Ckeck-up

Guest tiegra

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Guest tiegra

So Sunny had her check-up today.

Was supposed to be vaccinations, but my vet has agreed to go with every three years. :yay :yay Totally thrilled about that.

Then she looked at her teeth they are fine. :yay :yay :yay for number two thing

She's a few pounds over weight but I knew that and have been working on getting off the winter weight.

She has yeast infection in her ear, on going problem other ear this time.

And Sunny has an infection in her anal gland. <_<

So we have ear drops and antibiotics.

Well ear drops not much of a problem. Now this is where I was stunned. I put the antibiotics in a bit of processed cheese (have to pick up real stuff tomorrow) and she thought it was a treat for being good about the ear drops. I always reward for thing like the ear drops. But she took the cheese and pill in one gulp. Boy do I love having a food driven greyhound. I could never get away with this on my other dog. :clap :clap :clap I would have given her a treat but she was so happy with the cheese I thought hey she's happy, so, okay.

That's our story.

Thought I'd share since it was our second physical. :P

And everything else is A.O.K.



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