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Drying Boxes For Dogs

Guest JJStingersMom

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Guest JJStingersMom

This was sent to me a greyhound friend BERYL







WARNING - The Dangers of Drying boxes


Posted by: "Maggie"


Mon Jul 9, 2007 6:04 am (PST) One of my newest friends on Myspace is Nancy (Mom to Maggie) in

ROCKPORT, Massachusetts. Nancy and I have been getting to know each

other by messaging and last night she told me how she tragically

lost her first grey, Riva.


With Nancy's kind permission she has allowed me to share the details

of Riva's tragic death as a warning to other Grey lovers. Please

feel free to repost this everywhere you can so that we can get the

word out on how dangerous these drying boxes can be.

Many Thanks


"Before Maggie there was Riva and I want tell you how we tragically

lost her last summer.


My husband was away for a few days and I decided to take Riva to a

groomer for just a good shampoo. I dropped her off at 8am and waited

to get a call that she was done, so I could pick her up.


I didn't get a call until 1pm and the groomer simply stated that

Riva was ready. I went to pick her up and when I went in to get her

she was lying on the floor in a pool of sweat, panting rapidly and

when I looked into her eyes I knew she was gone.


I asked the groomer what was going on and she said Maggie must be a

lttle overheated. I asked for help and had to pour Riva into the

backseat of my car. She bled on the way and when I arrrived at vet

tech the vet met me at the door and took one look at her and said

she was gone.


She had a temp of 108.7, the vets tried everything but with no

success. I was told that the groomer had put Riva in what was

refered to as a drying box, which completely encloses the dog in

plexiglass and pours heat in to rapidly dry a dog. You can imagine

what a horror it was for us to discover Riva has basically roasted

to death from the inside out. It was an outrage and the groomer has

never apologized then or now, and has never taken responsibility for

this tragedy.


Our friend that works for that law firm took the case pro bono and

we are suing the groomer and her business. Until this happened we

had never heard of drying boxes for dogs nor had any of the hundreds

of people we have sinced talked about this.


We have had local press do stories on this and it has raised the

public awareness that is far reaching. The most important issue is

the awareness, but we want an Apology from the groomer and our

expenses reimbursed and a donation to be made in Riva's name to

greyhound rescue. We are in the process of settling this mess and

just want it to be over.


In the meantime we have testified before a senate subcommitee to

pass a bill requiring that drying boxes be outlawed and that

groomers be licensed. If we can pass this legislation and it looks

very positive, we will be the first in the country to do so. The

bill will be called Riva's bill, so that will become something

positive out of such a tragedy. I wanted to share this with you, so

that you can share it with dog owners and anyone that is interested.


Drying boxes are used worldwide by some groomers, if you talk to the

average groomer most will say they wouldn't even consider using one

because they realize that they are almost a form of animal abuse and

can easily turn into a situation like the one I experienced. Let's

keep on protecting our grey friends anyway we can.


I feel this is a story that needs to be told.


I agree. So this is why I have posted it for others to see. God speed to Riva and her family. This is a sad story. :(

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Guest IrskasMom



I read this with horror on another Thread ( Health and Medical Issues ) a couple Days ago . I never

knew they excist...... but they do . This is a tragic Story and we better be aware of it.

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Guest hamiesmom

OMG, what a tragic story. Run free sweet angel, Riva. I never knew that these things existed. When I took my boy in for a shampoo, I told them not to dry him that I would do it naturally at home. I would go after this groomer (tooth and nail) at the very least an apology is in order but if not a lawsuit is good. I wish you all the best in getting "Riva's Bill" passed and get these "drying boxes" abolished.

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Very sad. :(


I've known about this for years, and I'm not sure where I learned it from originally.

Greyhound angels at the bridge- Casey, Charlie, Maggie, Molly, Renie, Lucy & Teddy. Beagle angels Peanut and Charlie. And to all the 4 legged Bridge souls who have touched my heart, thank you. When a greyhound looks into you eyes it seems they touch your very soul.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more then he loves himself". Josh Billings


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