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Seeking Help For One Of My Groups Fosters

Guest hllb

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One of the fosters that was suspected to have t-cell lymphoma does not. Instead, the biopsy revealed severe lymphoid hyperplasia reactive. Unfortunately, the vet doesn't know what caused it or how to treat it. The main problems are that the lymph nodes are so enlarged in her throat that she has trouble drinking and eating. I've done a little internet research but haven't come up with much.


Anyone familiar with this or have any ideas? Bella is almost 3 years old.

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Guest snowberry

I never heard of this, but I've been going through something a little similar with Herbie - tentatively diagnosed as discoid lupus, but the swollen neck glands are the main symptom. When the vet did the biopsy, he removed the entire gland on one side, he was so sure it was lymphoma, so Herbie is able to swallow. The one thing that got his glands down fast was prednisolone, but he was also very ill with the steroids, severe muscle wasting within a week. (We'd tried antihistamines, in case it was an allergy, and taken blood cultures for bacterial infection - negative.)


Please let us all know if you find out more

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