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Buellers Impeteigo

Guest Hannah

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Guest Hannah

Mum and Dad's dog - Minnie has regularly started to get manky itchy red blobs on her skin that start red and dry, get moist and then go dry and crusty and then all the fur on this patch falls out.


after several trips to the vet and 'dermatitis' diagnosis they saw a different vet who did skin scrapes and all sorts of things and has diagnosed Bueller's Impeteigo.


the vet thinks that it is being caused by one of three things, thyroid imbalance, cushings or some slow growing liver or pancreatic cancer.


Mum and Dad are about to go on holiday so nothing more is going to be done just yet, plus as Minnie will be 14 tomorrow and is perfectly happy in herself and the bald bits are clearing up with some ointment they are waiting until they get back from holiday before going any further. When they are back Minnie will spend the day at the vets and have a whole collection of blood-work and scans/ultrasounds to see whats going on.


But before then if anyone has any info on Buellers Impeteigo (spelling may be off a little here) I would appreciate it as Google just returns treatment creams for humans.


they have already decided that if its thyroid or chushings they will treat, if its cancer they will just keep her happy and spoiled until its time to say goodbye.


other 'odd' symptoms and things she has been doing that mum isnt sure if its connected or just old age.

she is sleeping in strange places and more

she occasionally forgets to stop drinking (not diabetes that has been checked and ruled out).

totally unconnected to the drinking she will wet herself sometimes when asleep


Cousin Minnie (taken about 5 years ago)



thank you in advance for any info you can find

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I couldn't find anything with that name, but did find a lot when searching for simply "impetigo"


A few links:




From another site:


. Impetigo


In juvenile impetigo, subcorneal pustules are present on the ventral side of the body, with crusting. The disease is self-limited. In adult impetigo, large pustules ("bullae") are seen all over the body. In general, adult impetigo is severe and secondary to an underlying disease (hyperadrenocorticism, glucocorticoid therapy...) or multiple traumas (e.g., during hunting



Diane & The Senior Gang

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Guest VelvetEars

here is a topical treatment they can use on her:

Combine 50g Aloe Gel with 12 drops Lemon grass oil and 12 drops Patchouli oil / Apply 3 times daily to sores


Lemongrass is a powerful antiseptic and bactericide can be applied to affected areas. Patchouli is also an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic in effects. It is also a fungicidal that has healing effects on fungal infections.


Antibiotics are also helpful, but the EOs can help while the meds are still starting to work.

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In humans, there's a condition called bullous pemphigoid, which has symptoms like Minnie's (except for the fur falling out :rolleyes: ), and is caused by an autoimmune reaction against their own skin. Treatment is steroids & sometimes chemo, I think. I don't know if dogs get this or not, but maybe...?


Sending hugs to Minnie - hope she'll be ok!

Maryann, Bama (TW Beltram), Stephanie (Tom's Stepinhi) & Henderson the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

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