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Im Going To Be A New Foster Mum

Guest amajay

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Guest amajay

Hi everyone :wave


My name is Gemma, I have a wonderful husband and 2 skin kids and a cat. I have been reading for the last couple of months and looking at all the gorgeous pics. I have just been approved to be a foster carer for the beautiful greyhounds retiring from the track.


I will be getting my first foster in about 2 weeks, as we are waiting for a roller door to be installed.


As this will be the first greyhound ive had, any suggestions or ideas to help me and the dog settle in??





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Guest wolfieskitten

HI Gemma and welcome! I'm a fellow aussie (well kinda lol, I'm an american living in Brissy with my aussie hubby - Colin - and aussie gh - Tiger). Just wanted to say hi and wlecome, you'll find tons of info here...or would that be tonnes? hehehe.


Also to give you to local links for GAP and australia greyhound groups ( can't pm you the info sorry). Hope no one minds :blink: since i can't pm her.


There's so much info to absorb about greys but most importantly you will find them to be wonderful dogs and a loving addition to your family.


As for suggestions, if you're working with any GAP group you will find they are a wealth of info, especially the do's and don'ts of fosters: like not allowing them on furniture since potential adopters may not let them on the furniture, etc.


I guess the first thing to get is a nice bed and blanket since winter is coming, they should come with a martingale collar, if not, get one once you know have an approx. size. CHeck your muzzle laws, most places require fosters to always be muzzled. SO far only Vic and a few other shires in other states have abolished muzzling in public - and that is ONLY for gh's adopted through GAP Australia.


FOr beds if you have a saddlery nearby, a saddle pad is nice and comfy, op shops for nice wool blankets cheap, I have 5 big ones I got for $4 each from Lifeline...saddle pads will run you about $30-50, I wouldn't pay more. CHeck out local pet warehouses for good deals on beds. Ask the group you foster through if they provide food, too. Some do, as far as I know it's generally BARF plus some kibble.


Beds again, get something you can wash over and over lol...they get dirty, if you plan to have the dog outside during the day, I'd recommend 2, 1 for outside that can stay kind of grotty til you can wash at the end of the week. Also look into getting some pajamas if you sew they can be made pretty cheap. A coat for outdoors is good, but fosters usually come with them. Just ask your group what they come with and you can decide what you need to buy.


Dog shampoo. Woolwash with eucalyptus is what I've been using and works great...it's what the vet recommended for my in-laws poodles so hubs was a bit insistent on it...its much less expensive than regular dog shampoo.


I can imagine the ppl here that will have a heart attack at using liquid detergent on a dogs coat. :blush ..but it's basically castile soap made especially for wool here in Oz...so quite nice and gentle.


Good luck!!!!!

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Guest WhenIGiveIn

Congrats and good luck! There is nothing more rewarding than fostering. Right now I have a grey with epilepsy that Im fostering and gosh is he a sweetie!

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