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In The Mail Today


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Larry passed away on 2/3/06...today we received this in the mail.

Dear Dan and Sharon,

The Doctors and Staff of Reidland Veterinary Clinic wish to express their heartfelt sympathy with your recent loss of Larry. Losing a special friend is always difficult because of the close bond we share with them. Comfort can be found in the special memories they gave us that will last eternally. To honor Larry's memory, the Doctors and Staff of Reidland Veterinary Clinic have made a donation to the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Foundation. This donation helps support our work to improve the lives of animals and people through education. The Kentucky Veterinary Medical Foundation.

Our Larry has touched a lot of peoples lives for the good.. Sharon


This was on the front of the card


Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of Heaven lies the Rainbow Bridge.


When a beloved pet dies, it goes to the Rainbow Bridge. It makes friends with the other animals and frolics over the rolling hills and peaceful lush meadows of green.


Our pets do not thirst or humger. The old and the sick are made young once more;the maimed and the ill become healed and strong. They are as healthy and playful as we remember then in days gone by.


Though happy and content, they still miss someone very special, someone they had to leave behind.


Together, the animals chase and play, but the day comes when a pet will suddenly stop and look in the distance....bright eyes intent , eager body quivering. Suddenly recognizing you, you pet bounds quickly across the green fields and into your embrace. You celebrate in joyous reunion. You will never again seperate.Happy tears and kisses are warm and plenty: your hands caress the face you missed. You look once more into the loving eyes of your pet and know you never really parted. you realize that though out of sight, your love had been remembered.


And now, you cross the rainbow Bridge together.....


M.A. Preston

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Guest Greymom
That's so nice. I hope many veterinary clinics are as thoughful. I also hope that it gave you some peace.


I couldn't have said it any better. :grouphug

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Guest how888

Oh how beautiful to hear stories like this. Larry left those paw prints on a lot of hearts . "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" he is running free and is waiting for that one last meet n greet just like the card says. Thank you for sharing that. May all these memories help comfort you in the days to come. Larry was so lucky to have had such compassionate parents.. The love shines through all your posts when you write about him.. God Bless. :f_red:f_red Linda

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Guest Gogh4It

That is so sweet! My vet, Dr Blackburn has always sent me a card, then he'll give me a couple of extra days & call me to see how I am. When Bool died, he actually hugged & just held me for a moment...he was just as upset. He's a very good friend to me.

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Guest rsqdogsmom

My heart dog, Murphy, went to the Bridge on 1/7/06. :(


A week later I received a lovely sympathy card from my vet's office.

It was signed by everyone who worked there and those who had known Murphy wrote personal messages.


Folded up inside was a sheet of good quality paper with the Rainbow Bridge poem on it.


On the bottom of the page, there was a large paw-print in blue ink with "Murphy" printed underneath it.

Without anyone asking her to, the receptionist, whom I had become acquainted with over the course of the last 7 years, had gotten Murphy's paw-print as a memento for me.


I framed the poem and added a picture of Murphy right above her print. It sits on my dresser ,where I can see it from my bed, first and last every day.


Over my adult lifetime, with all the many cats and dogs I have lost, no one else has ever given me such a thoughtful gift.

It cost so little but means more to me than almost anything else I own.



I think that every vet should do this for their clients.

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Guest jeannejj

When Mason died, a few days later I got a card from the Surgeon, one from the evet staff, one from the referral internist staff, and one from my regular vet. Each one had personal messages and the one from the vet had the Rainbow Bridge Poem. That was particularly touching as I had left a copy of the poem with Mason. It really meant a lot to me that each one of them had taken the time to acknowledge Mason's passing and my pain. I kept them all in Mason's memory box.


It's amazing how comforting things like that can be.



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Guest Baloos_Mom

That is very nice. My vet sent me a card when I helped my girl Nikita cross the bridge. It said, "the saddest day with your dog was also the kindest". My parent's vet made a donation to the Morris Foundation in their dogs name and sent a card. It is nice to have special vets like that.

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I was the person at our animal hospital that sent the cards to everyone when their pets crossed the bridge. I would print them off the computer. I always did a special card for everyone. I don't know who is doing them now. :(

waiting at the bridge Connie Van Teddy & Jojo, Cobra

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Guest 4baddogs

It's nice to know there are so many caring vets and staff out there. My sister sends out cards with the pets' paw print on them. The first time she did it though, the pet owner freaked out on her.


We received a card in the mail from our vet a few days after Flash died. He hand writes every single one (his receptionist told me so) and signs them. He enclosed a little "Rainbow Bridge" card and a note that he made a personal donation in Flash's memory to our greyhound adoption group. I thought that was really nice.

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My last dog to cross the bridge was a dobe claimed by osteo. I received a card and the rainbow bridge story. When I went to pick up his ashes I was also given an impression of his paw in clay colored plaster( I think its plaster) It made me cry. I love everyone at my vet office.

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