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  1. Update, getting along so much better, still the occasional growl if he goes near her when on couch but will hop up beside him herself with no issues.
  2. Starting to see some improvements in the yard etc, she is a clever girl so I am hoping this works to her advantage, they are under constant supervision believe me, if I need to do something and I cant watch them I seperate them, it's like working in a creche 24/7 lol Tonight will be the first night she will sleep in our room. Thank you for reply and support 😊
  3. We have just adopted new 3yo bitch, she was just desexed the week we got her, has been racing, presents as anxious by nature, affectionate with people to the point of in your face loveable. We had a family of 2 Greyhounds and Aussie Bulldog September we lost our first male Greyhound with a brain tumour then 5 weeks after we lost our Aussie girl to snake bite, as a family we are devistated but the male greyhound we still have was fretting, he would look in the cars and cry or just stand in the yard and cry. He is blind abnd the Aussie Bulldog would look after him. We decided to get a female gre
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