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  1. Could really use some more advice, I am now up to day 5 with Orla, and after 4 night of her sleeping on my bed, yesterday I obviously startled her and she growled and barked. Scared the crap out of me, and she gets in real close with her head right next to mine. I didn't sleep a wink all night, and I really don't feel comfortable having her on the bed again but I'm not sure what to do. 1st night she was here I had a bed on the floor of bedroom but she didn't know what it was and weed on it before we went to sleep, so I had to get her up on the bed so I could keep an eye on her. I cleaned the carpet but I am still worried she might go again there so I am not sure about putting bed back on the floor! She sleeps on the sofa in the day, do you think I can just shut the sitting room door at bed time? I am worried she might toilet in there or chew things up as I won't be able to keep eye on her, but I'm not sure what else to do. She does seem to sleep all night though so far. Any advice would be very gratefully received, I am by myself and feeling somewhat out of control!
  2. Thanks for this is super helpful, and she does more things everyday I don't understand! Last night I think she was maybe giving me the smile, Tounge dangles out too haha. I actually think that is what she wants too, she has been doing it at home now and I think it in a playful way... she did kind of roll and put her teeth round my ankle this morning, I think just to get attention?! It's all so confusing as it seems when I read about behaviours that they all can either mean the dog is happy, or that it's upset and anxious! I think your right about the beds to, I put the big cushion one on the sofa where she had been lying, and after a while she id get on it... I will carry on with the other ones! I was actually worried about having her on the bed, but she didn't want to settle anywhere else....luckily she has shown no sight of sleep aggression, only wanting to get as close to me as possible, and push her face up right next to mine and take up all the room that said obviously I don't know her well yet so it's a bit of a worry.... I'd be happy if she did sleep on the floor on her bed, I can maybe try again with her cushion I put on the sofa now she knows what it is...but otherwise I'm not sure how to do it! She just seems to want to sit right next to me if it's possible. Poor Henry that's so sad! If she falls off the bed she will just be on the floor so I suppose it's a bit better.
  3. Thank you that makes sense, I will do that tomorrow! Ha ha yes I'm in UK, where pheasants run across a field to jump infront of your car.. . ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. That's reassuring to know that going long periods without a wee is not abnormal! It was 16 hrs yesterday, and today it's been 13 and she is asleep! Had no interest going this morning when we went out. That's reassuring to, I think she just wanted me to pet her, but people were asking me if she was alright! I said I think so but I've only had her a day Trying to get her used to not trying to nick my food, she went crazy when I brought my dinner in (I often eat on the sofa) and I lieterally had to hold her back with all my strength! She did settle in the end and let me eat but it's a work in progress haha. Thank you, I feel much better already getting some advice! One thing this morning when we were out walking, there were some dogs running of lead in the park and she kind of froze wouldn't stop staring at them, I couldn't get her attention and she didn't want to come away. She's been very good with most dogs she's met on lead, so I think it must be when they are running free but I didn't understand if she is frightened or excited or feeling predatory?! I've been feeling a bit like she is a pheasant and going to keel over any minute with bloat or something else awful, but I guess she isn't made of glass
  5. Thank you! I actually thought we would walk around 7, but she has absolutely zero interest in getting up in the morning, and I don't know if I should try to make her or not? I don't have a garden so we have to go out, I guess there is so many new smells ec at the moment it's probably quite distracting for her. I've been trying to get her onto her sofa then give her a treat, but she usually just then takes it to the other sofa to eat I fear I am a bit of a pushover! Thank you I'm sure your right, I felt like I should just let her do her own thing to help her settle in first few days but perhaps this was a mistake and I've taught her some wrong things!
  6. I think she is pretty relaxed, it's me that isn't I don't have a yard so I am taking her just across the road to a park, and she has been going there, but I guess theres' lots on noises to get used too, and maybe she just doesn't need to go often. I'm actually not sure how to stop her sleeping somewhere! Shes weed on my bedroom floor first night (my fault) so I felt like her on the bed was the only safe place so I could keep an eye on her haha. Thanks I will try to relax!
  7. thank you, I am trying to relax but she is much more chilled than me! I don't have a crate, don't really have room for one but I put a bed under a big table for her...she won't lie on it. Got another big greyhound cushion bed and she wouldn't lie on that either.. I'm not sure she understands they are beds! I've been giving her plenty of treats and she is being such a good sweet girl I'll try not to worry about the toilets!
  8. Hello, I have just adopted a beautiful ex racer and she is also my first dog, and I am feeling really worried I am getting it wrong! She seems to be holding in her wee and poo, hasn't been at all today (it's lunchtime) she had a wee before bed last night and did do 3 pops in the day. She just keeps lying down on the grass and looking at me, then rolling on her back! Is this normal for a greyhound?! Any advice on this or anything general would be so appreciated as I feel worried and I just want her to be happy! I'm also struggling to get her to sleep either on the big bed I got her, or on her own sofa, she just wants to sprawl across mine or on my bed and won't move, this is maybe more funny than anything else๐Ÿ˜‚ she only been here nearly 2 days so I don't want to upset her.
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