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  1. Hey guys! I was hoping you could give me some advice, as I’ve adopted my first spanish greyhound! She has been with us for about a week and I'm not sure if I'm giving her enough stimulation or too much stimulation! At the moment our routine is as follows I wake up at around 08.30, have a coffee and wake her up (at the moment she sleeps in our conservatory,) since my partner does not like having her in the house! At around 09:00 take her for a 1-2 hour walk we have to walk around quite a bit until she finally has a wee! (Which at the moment she is only doing once a day) then come back home at around 11/12 she has her lunch breakfast half an hour after we arrive! she then just sleeps most of the afternoon I start work at around 15.00 but I work from home so I try to keep an eye out on her! I try to give her a snack by around 18.00 this normally comes in the shape of a kong! then finally depending on when my work finishes I take her for a long night walk usually around an hour! At the moment we've slowly started going to the dog park as sometimes she gets a bit fearful of other dogs! If we go into the dog park and there's a few dogs there she will run around with them until she pretty much exhausts herself 😂 we then come back home I give her, her dinner at around 9 and depending on how settled she is I don't really take her out again. Should I try to take her out more often? I've been told by other galgo owners that they (the galgos) get really bored on their walks and that I should just try to make her run more often! (But since she is a rescue and pretty recently adopted I do not feel comfortable releasing her!) Many thanks in advance for your advice.
  2. Hello, I have just adopted a beautiful ex racer and she is also my first dog, and I am feeling really worried I am getting it wrong! She seems to be holding in her wee and poo, hasn't been at all today (it's lunchtime) she had a wee before bed last night and did do 3 pops in the day. She just keeps lying down on the grass and looking at me, then rolling on her back! Is this normal for a greyhound?! Any advice on this or anything general would be so appreciated as I feel worried and I just want her to be happy! I'm also struggling to get her to sleep either on the big bed I got her, or on her own sofa, she just wants to sprawl across mine or on my bed and won't move, this is maybe more funny than anything else😂 she only been here nearly 2 days so I don't want to upset her.
  3. We've had Xena for 2 1/2 weeks now so this is all very new, both for her and us. My husband and I had dogs growing up but never indoor dogs. We're still getting used to the concept of having to let our dog out to go to the bathroom and we thought it would be pretty straight-forward but it's proving to be anything but. Xena is straight from the track so we're technically fostering her right now, soon to adopt. Perhaps a lot of this is because she's still learning too. Most of the time when we let her out to go, she pees first and then sometimes poops too. I've found that if she doesn't pee at every potty break we give her, she'll go on the floor in the house. This is especially so at night when we give her her last potty break before bed. She'll be indoors for 8-9 hours while we sleep so this one is the most important. But here I am sitting by the door waiting for her to pee. It's now 11:30pm and she's been out there for over an hour, still no pee. I need to sleep! Is there some magic button everyone else knows how to press which I have yet to discover? Is it something she'll pick up on if I just keep waiting until she goes and then praising her like mad and showering her with treats every time? How long will it take? I'd like to know when I get to stop being a sleep-deprived zombie during the day. Getting a dog door is seeming like it won't be an option as we have strictly-indoor cats and I can't find a single microchip-activated door that's sized for greyhounds. Are there other options out there that I don't know about? Please help me, I'm at my wit's end!
  4. I've had my four and a half year old greyhound for right at eight weeks now. It's been so tough! I was actually reflecting yesterday which will be harder, my first dog or my first child. I'm single and live in a one bedroom apartment. It's just the two of us here. Though there are many, these are the two newest problems I don't have answers for: (1) She wakes me up once or twice during the night to go out. UTI was treated a couple of weeks ago, secondary to chronic diarrhea caused by hookworms. Urine tests fine now. She does have crystals in her urine but no signs of stones according to ultrasound. She is on daily ivomec to treat that lingering hookworm infection while we wait on input from a parasitologist. She hasn't been completely healthy since I adopted her so I'm having a hard time determining what are medical issues and what are behavioral. (2) About two weeks ago she started peeing in her crate when I leave, no matter how long I'm gone. This is the newest iteration of her separation anxiety, I believe. I'm gone 4-5 hours max on my off days. On workdays, I must be gone for 10 hours since I commute far away. Be it 4 or 10 hours, she won't pee it if she's just on the plastic tray. If there's any kind of bedding (I've tried both plush and meager), she'll pee on it and push it to the side. My troubleshooting. I think I've exhausted all the advice that YouTube and Google has to offer: Regarding crate trainingHer crate isn't too big. She's a 64lb girl in a 42" crate. She can stand and turn and that's it. When the peeing started, I downsized her from the 48" crate she'd had originally. She has to be in her crate when I'm gone. I conservatively tried to leave her out but she gets destructive and pees on the carpet. Last night I tried to crate her and refused to take her out when she demanded. It was as rough and sleepless a night as all the nights previous. I don't want her to be in her bare crate but I don't trust her with any bedding in there. She has a bed at the foot of my bed. Bare crate is also in there. In the living room she has a bed that she prefers. At bedtime she starts sleeping there and sometimes will mosey into my room to sleep (or wake me up). She gets lots of walks and exercise. We go to the dog park usually twice a week. She gets to go out for four breaks on a work day: twice before work and twice after. Two of those outings are about 15-20 minute walks, one morning, one evening. On my off days, she gets an additional mid-day break of some kind and I try to take her along on my errands and outings if I'm able. She's on a fairly regular schedule. The first outing is right when we get up, no later than 5:00am, even on weekends. The second is a walk at 7:00, about an hour after she eats. The third is a few minutes after I get home from work. I get settled and then I get her out of her crate, about 5:30. The last is 8:00-8:30pm, which is 30-45minutes before bedtime and after her 6:00pm dinner. I've noticed she's generally more peaceful during the day (naps most of the day) and more restless after bedtime. Not sure why. Really, I'm getting to the end of my rope. It seems that when we work out one issue, there are two to follow. I adopted her because I wanted some company around here and I wanted to give a greyhound a good retirement but we're both suffering. She's got the plethora of issues you see above. I'm not eating well, sleeping, or working out like I used to. Thank you guys for any guidance. Did anyone have a similar beginning with their grey? How long should this last? When will she become comfortable and more of a companion than my canine patient?
  5. Hi everyone, We picked up our 2 year old, ex racer (Lilly) at 4pm today! Any advice for a first time rescue greyhound owner?! We are nervous about tonight, as when we put her in her crate earlier she cried. I have a radio to pop on quietly in the background and a stuffed Kong toy ready for tonight. She paces, pants and sniffs a lot (which I would assume is nerves and will settle.) She also asks to go out a lot, so am taking her out every time and rewarding each wee and poo! She has finally crashed (after and hour long walk 7-8pm) so thats a good sign. I work from home, so will be with her all day. Should I confine her to the lounge (where I work and her crate is) so I can make sure she has no accidents? I was thinking of a morning and evening walk, with regular trips to the garden. Will that be enough? Any advice to help her settle and stop my nerves would be fab! Thanks in advance, Michelle
  6. I first met Daisy when I went to my family's house in KS for Christmas vacation. They were kind enough to pick her up from Alex's House Dog Rescue and foster her for a few weeks. After one look in her eyes, I was smitten! I realized just how small a 60 lb girl can be when she curled up in a costco bed and only took up about a quarter of the space! Of course then I had to drive back home, with a curious back seat driver Since I live in California, we had to stop by and Stand on a corner in Winslow Arizona, where Daisy wondered if the statue would pet her. It didn't. Now that we are in California, she has found the couch, wants to play with the Roomba, and loves spending time in the yard when it is not raining, as you can see in the facebook video. https://www.facebook.com/tricia.cox.71/videos/10210917810314418/
  7. For the new grey lovers out there, I thought I'd share the method I used to teach Baron to lay down. I tried several others until I stumbled on this one and realized how stupidly easy it was because it takes advantage of a greyhounds natural laziness. You can get through the entire process in a day. Step 1-Greyhounds lay down often. Every time your greyhound lays down, give it a treat. Step 2-From a standing position, show your greyhound a treat. Let him sniff it. Wait for him (or her) to lay down, then reward. Repeat. Step 3-Your greyhound is starting to understand that when you have a treat, it needs to lay down to get the treat. Begin giving it the verbal command and gesture you plan to use, then show it the treat, then reward when the grey lays down. Repeat. Step 4-Without showing it the treat, give it the gesture and verbal command. Reward when it lays down. Repeat and reinforce. That's all there is to it. Baron learned in just a few short hours. I highly recommend this being the first thing you teach your new grey to do.
  8. Hi all! Greetings from South Ontario, Canada! I have been doing hard research for a dog for my family for around a year now and we are adopting a gorgeous red/white lady next week, just wanted to say hi and thanks in advance for all the help I'll get from all you greyt owners
  9. Hello! My name is Deb, and I'm adopting my first grey in a little over a month. His name is HS Cuda (I named him Talos), and he's 2.5 years old. Ever since I moved out from my parents' house, I've wanted to get a dog. But I had to wait until I had the money and the right place to even start. Six years later, and I'm super excited. I originally wanted a borzoi but didn't want to deal with a puppy, nor did I want to deal with the hair. From there, I looked into greyhounds and after my first meet and greet, I developed a mega-crush on these dogs. As soon as I get him, there will be photos everywhere. So, I just wanted to say hey! A quick question for experienced owners: Are there any specific things that are slightly more difficult for a greyhound to learn, in comparison to other breeds? Like, is there anything that I might need to give special attention to? (eg: I grew up with Schnauzers, and getting them to stop barking once they're excited is one heck of a task). Right now, he's in a prison being trained by the inmates there, so he should know some basic things, and know stairs. But I'm not going to assume that he's going to be perfectly mannered/obedient, especially at such a young age.
  10. Hi everyone, My husband and I are new pack leaders to Venus. Venus is a 3-year brindle who we adopted through a greyhound rescue shelter. Yesterday was our 2nd week anniversary and as we go into our third week together I really appreciate this forum and all the feedback and suggestions everyone contributes. I was really not sleeping the first week ... I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right..... now going into week 3, my husband & I are getting more sleep and are just focused on learning Venus' signals..... less about being perfect or whatever. We've had and still continue to have pee pee questions (why is she only going once a day ?) but are a little more calm about it. One quick question I have for folks is do you think it's ok to have 2 crates for her? Venus has her crate in the bedroom but this means she's totally not with us for most of the time we're at home. So I'm thinking if she feels safe in the crate can she have a bedroom crate and a "daytime" crate in another room? Am I being over protective? I just want her to be socialized and not hanging out by herself. Any thoughts are super appreciated!
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