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  1. So, second opinion vet (I found him via a local greyhound group) said definitely not a pending ACL tear and definitely no TPLO. He said there is an injury of some kind but rest, anti-inflammatory should do the trick. He said there MAY be a couple of suspicious areas on the X-rays but if it’s osteo, not to worry because it doesn’t progress overnight..... He said we could pay to send the xrays to a radiologist for a closer look- which I will probably do after hearing what Dr. Couto has to say. Dr. Couto is AMAZING. He is incredibly responsive and he will be looking very closely at our boys
  2. Thank you, all. It’s been some years since I’ve posted here (the last was probably about three years ago when we lost our last grey at about 13 years old), I cannot for the life of me figure out my sign on info so I created a new account. Greytalk has always been a great source for discussion and reference. I am surprised at any of this as I really thought we were dealing with a corn and then to be reading about all the pros and cons of TPLO, the ups, the downs- the way far downs- it’s scary! I just want to do the right thing for our boy and this surgery I have never heard of before. And
  3. Thanks, Krissy. He is five and began limping about a week ago, seemingly out of nowhere- I really thought it was a corn. No trauma that I am aware of. X-rays were done, and we are getting a second opinion tomorrow. I am not looking for a diagnosis here. I am asking if anyone has ever had a mis-diagnosis with a TPLO suggested and if it ended up being anything different.
  4. Hello all, Has anyone ever experienced a misdiagnosis of an ACL injury with suggested TPLO- for something else? Current vet said although the ligament is not yet torn, he expects it would happen soon and suggested TPLO. I spoke to another vet, very experienced with greys (who is out of my area otherwise I would go see her), she said in her years of experience, she has seen only two with an ACL tear. I asked her what mimics this, she said osteo.
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