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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss :0( Although I'm mostly a lurker (posting in amber alert when needed, my work schedule changes often so I can't always follow the threads) I always looked forward to reading about Gracie. When Meri first posted her picture she touched my heart; she is my Roxy's (Xl Rocketier) littermate. So glad you found each other, even though it is never long enough. I believe in shining stars, guardian angels, and the Rainbow Bridge - and that some day you will feel Gracie's soul connect again to yours. May you find comfort in the many wonderful memories of Gracie.
  2. I second the reflective collars they sell at Petsmart or Pet Supplies Plus (where I got mine). I use them as tag collars 24/7 and keep the martingales attached to the leashes for when we leave the house. Glad everything turned out okay!
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