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Thinking Of Returning Your Grey?

Guest ceelo

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you might be reading this because you are frustrated with some behavior problems concerning your greyhound. you may even be thinking about returning your greyhound. PLEASE read this first before you decide to return your grey.


also, if there is anyone reading this thread that has more POSITIVE suggestions for someone who is thinking of returning their greyhound for behavior problems, please add them to this thread. please stay away from judgemental comments and just post helpful advice.





there are SO many things you can do before you give up a dog because of behavior problems such as separation anxiety, destruction of property, housebreaking accidents, or snapping at people.


some of the things are:


-babygate the dog in a dog proofed room. if you cant do a babygate, what about installing a door there? or set up one room for them (if its carpeted, why not put down one of those blue tarps on the floor)

-do alone training (as explained in retired racing greyhounds for dummies) consists of exercises of leaving your grey alone for short periods of time.

-leave kongs stuffed with food. frozen kongs can last longer. keeps the dog busy

-go for a LONG walk in the morning. a tired dog is a happy dog.


-leave tv and or radio on

-herbal calming formulas such as valerian or melatonin

-pull down blinds and darken room. sometimes outside sounds and activities can upset a grey

-do general obedience classes. helps to give your dog more confidence, which can lessen SA.

-consult a behaviorist on the phone

-hire a behaviorist to work with you and the dog in person

-train not just the dog but the other people in the house to never lean over a dog or touch a dog that is lying down.

-implement NILIF (nothing in life is free) see here http://www.greytalk.com/~forums/index.php?showtopic=363

-consult your adoption group

-get a second dog to keep your dog company

-get a DAP diffuser (comfort zone from petco)

-and last resort, combine behavior modification training with medicines from your vet such as clomicalm or other anti anxiety drugs. they have been known to work.

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