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Startling when her tail/bum touches something?

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Hi guys,

I wonder if you have this behaviour with your Greys too. 

(I am a first time Greyhound owner.)

She is a startle sleeper, but - she also seems to mind things touching her tail and buttocks - that is, if I got that right. E.g. she will sit down in her bed and suddenly jump up with growl as if something is bothering her, or as if she toucher something that she didn’t expect to be there (🤔). Or sometimes if she’s on the floor and her tail touches something. She will do it in the car trunk, she is sitting but here and there she jumps up with that growl as if she sat on something. It can also happen when she lays down sometimes - she lays down in her bed and starts growling, sometimes sort of kicking her foot, and soon she jumps up with grumpy growl and usually moves away from that place.

She also fairly frequently (not too often, say twice a day) nibbs on the spot above the tail and her back leg muscles, as if it’s itching, maybe. That jas been going on for a long time now, a year and a half I’d say. She doesn’t have anal glands issues and we just cleared the parasites two weeks ago (though who knows, maybe she has it again). I just wonder could the startling behavior be connected ti that itchy uncomfort, or is it possible that she has some discomfort in the hips? Or is that way of startling normal for Greys?

I’d really want to avoid x rays and similar invasive vet procedures if chances are she doesn’t have any medical/skeleton issues...

Thanks a lot for any kind of advice!

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