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Messing In The House Overnight

Guest Kryspen

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My two greyhounds have taken to messing in the hall at night. My wife, who gets up first to go to work, is sick to death of having to clean up the piles of mess in the morning.

What do you suggest we could do to stop it?


Any and all hep gratefully received.

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They get taken out about 10 at night, then my wife gets up around 6 next morning to find the mess. Is it possible we are just overfeeding them. They get 2 meals a day, each a measure of meal and half a tin of dog food.

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It's possible. It's also possible that they aren't emptying out that day, that the food isn't agreeing with them and it's moving through faster than expected.


This is where we get graphic.


Are they firm or runny? What is their normal output? When do they poop during the day?


For instance, mine used to poop twice every day, sometimes three times. But the main poop walk resulted in three or four poops getting progressively smaller and wetter. This involved walking for 45 minutes to an hour in the morning. In the afternoon/ evening they got another 20-30 minutes and another 2 poops. Then final turn out sometimes a final tiny poop. Now I feed raw so things are different.


What is the meal exactly? How big is the measure? What sort of dog food is it? How bigs the tin? Do they have bad gas?

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Well, we stopped giving them 2 meals a day. One a day seems to have done the trick. Now the question is "are we feeding them enough?" They each get about a cup full of local supermarket dry dog food and around 7 ounces of dog meat, once a day.


I don't think they are particularly hungry, but it's hard to tell. Both are quick to snatch up anything edible that comes their way - but isn't that normal for dogs?

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