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Lure Coursing

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An opportunity has come up for me to give this a go at a training day. I'd like to take one of the two girls but am unsure if which one. Paige has a really high prey drive, would love it, but is a little less agile and is somewhat more delicate than Brandi physically. Emotionally, much tougher in some senses but does get overwhelmed by crowds sometimes. Brandi is used to doing stuff with me, is the most athletic and agile of all of my dogs, is emotionally highly dependent on me, and has better recall.



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Guest normaandburrell

Wow, what a decision. I would just love the chance to do lure coursing with my hound. I would be tempted to try Paige, because if she succeeded, it might be the beginning of her doing more things with you and becoming more bonded with you.

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Guest Greyt_dog_lover

You don't need 100% recall when doing lure coursing. They will chase the lure and when it stops, they will hammer the lure (typically) and it gives you a chance to walk up to them and grab them (you will know where the lure is going to stop). I would not worry so much about their personalities as I would worry more about their physical condition. If you haven't been letting your hounds run full out at least a few times a week for the last 6 months, they probably shouldn't try lure coursing. Greyhounds do not know 50%, they only know 100% so if they are not in racing shape, there is a good chance they could injure themselves. There are others on here that do lure coursing, hopefully they will chime in with their experience. I have a very shy girl and she absolutely LOVED when I would take her to LGRA (straight line lure drag). She would just loose all fear of the outside world and focus on chasing the lure. It was so wonderful to watch her go from shy girl to running fiend. Lure coursing makes many sharp turns and that is where the hounds get injured if they are not in shape. LGRA is only a straight line so much easier on their bodies.



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