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Visitor Will Only Eat From My Hand

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I posted a couple of weeks ago about a visitor who peed in the house repeatedly. Well she is here for two weeks and she refuses to go near her raised feeding station. She dips her nose in and then runs to hide beside Hester while he eats, (she will drink water from the feeding station). Yesterday I was able to get her to eat out of the bowl if I took her outside. But this morning she refused even that. She is also refusing the kibble with which she was sent, but loves the Acana I had be using for training treats. (Hester is raw fed).


She is still peeing in the house occasionally, once just five minutes after returning from a one hour hike - just a few drops to mark. Despite the peeing, I think she is quite relaxed. Lots of spontaneous roaching, playing with toys, etc. She also loves human touch and approaches for pets. But she does scoot around in a very quick, furtive, nervous manner. I think this is more because she is just a very high energy dog. I don't think she has any problem with Hester. She seems to like him a great deal and although he is a real alpha type, he never asserts himself with her. When I had to leave her alone for the first time she was completely relaxed upon my return 4 hours later and no pee accidents. What a quirky little girlie dog.


The only way I can get her to eat is to sit beside her while she is on her bed and have her eat little handfuls out of my palm. What is going on? Any thoughts?


I will try to take and post some good photos of her. She is such a tiny cutey pie.


Her owner is out of touch which is why I am reaching out to this greyt forum.

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I used to dogsit a greyhound who would only eat if hand fed. I think he missed his "mom" so much that he "took to his bed" in mourning. Aside from that he was fine at my house.

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The only thing that comes to mind is she's "working" you. Just an idea. She's away from home. She likes attention. Getting hand fed is frosting on top of the love she's already getting. If she were a permanent dog, you'd put her food down and let her decide to eat or go hungry. With a visitor, spoiling sounds OK to me. :beatheart

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She could have slipped near the feeding dish, Brady had a metal bowl and stand for a while and the kinking of the dish in the stand along with his tags made him nervous while eating.


Brady now has a plastic stand and bowl and is eating and drinking better (more relaxed and eating slower). I also have a mat under them. The other thing I might consider is moving the feeding station to another spot in the room and see if that helps.




The handsome boy Brady, mid-morning nap. The sun, the sun feels so, so, so good.

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