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My Girl Fey Hates The Car! Again...

Guest Amber

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When I first got Fey a year ago she really didn't like the car. She's not so bad if the car is stationary, but she doesn't like it being driven, seems to be especially on rougher road surfaces, bumps etc that freaked her out. I have a small car, a ford fiesta, so that probably doesn't help with vibration.


Well i had to lift her in for the first wee while but then she started assocating the car with nice walks and jumped in willingly, with treats chucked in or even without.


However, we went on a 3 hour each way trip to my mum's last nov and since then, she's not keen on getting in. Then she got her corn and jumping up was maybe a bit sore, so that made things worse. She was still jumping in with super duper treats until last week, when one time she didn't make it all the way in and only got her front paws up and then gave up.


so, she really hates the car now. When she sees me pick up my car keys she doesn't even budge from the front door.


I have to lift her in which she tolerates but doesn't like and lift her out cos jumping down would hurt her corn.


I've been using good treats but she has such a negative association with the car, it's hard to counter condition.


And when we get to the beach or somewhere nice that is soft on her corn and she can run off leash she LOVES it...just not the transport part.


I'm hoping if her corn improves more she will jump in, or if i keep taking her nice places again that positive association will kick in like it did before.


But any suggestions would be great!

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Guest Winnie2014

I had a Mini Cooper Countryman when I got Winnie with full intentions of purchasing an SUV so she would be more comfortable. She never wanted to jump in the Cooper (too small, bumpy ride), but willingly jumps into my CX-5.


I know it isn't a practical solution, but having that extra row of seats with her in the back really helped her. So does having this cushy bed. The inside comes out if I need to clean it or she needs a place to lay down while we're out.


Perhaps you could start carrying your car keys around on your walks as well? I always have my keys, so she knows when I pick them up I could just be moving them, leaving, going on a walk, or getting in the car to go somewhere else. Though half the time I still have to pitch treats for her to get out of her bed to go on a walk. :lol

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Good idea bout the car keys, I'm such a creature of habit. I might well lose them tho!


Well my friend had an estate car and she jumped into it more willingly around xmas time pre corn diagnosis. .. but only for the first time and not on the way back!


I think the bumpy ride is part of it though and it got worse when i went over a pothole before xmas and fey got a fright and then tnat resulted in a slow puncture, i didn't realise straight away and was driving around on a semi flat, so even more bumpy! Poor Fey ! Maybe it's my driving.

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