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Fecal Sample Showed Parasite - Yuck

Guest Rocket

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The best news is that Rocket was diagnosed by a vet so he can begin treatment. Please be sure to follow-up with your vet for a retest after his medicine is finished. Your vet can tell you the best time to retest Rocket considering the growth cycle of the particular type of lungworms. Some worms are easier to kill than others; some take more than one treatment plan.


I assume your vet already suggested to keep Rocket's feces carefully picked-up to prevent spreading of worms. Some people quickly place newspaper (or a paper plate) under the dog for an easy, clean catch.


Good luck, and know that you're not alone, most of us have been there. It's no fun for Rocket or you, but Rocket will feel so much better once all those parasites are gone. It's great that you are taking such good care of him! :)

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