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Vet Recommendations?

Guest EZsElowyn

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Guest EZsElowyn

Elowyn has had corns since I rescued her 2 years ago. We have running booties and in the house slipper booties. We have used salicylic acid otc treatment. I have tried hulling them myself and can never get the core out. There is always a point where she cries so I stop trying to get deeper. She has learned to live with limping and walking on tippy toes over hard surface (which is our entire house). It's like hot lava and she hops from rug to bed. Nothing seems to soothe them and she has one on each hind foot. The vets at my practice know nothing about corns. Looking to see if there are any great greyhound vets in South Jersey? Any that will hull them out awake?

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