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Food Changes Have Begun

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We took Maya to the vet yesterday for a leg issue. While we were there, our vet asked how her stools have been. We told her that we're still having one good poop in the morning, and the rest go downhill from there.


So... we're now going to try to see if we can figure out a better diet for her (and Ashe, too). We're starting with Hill's Prescription i/d Gastrointestinal Health dog food (as well as an anti-inflammatory for her leg). This is a starting point, but we're hoping for good results.


We'll still be adding basics to her food, like boiled chicken, white rice, potatoes, and some other basics. We're keeping our fingers crossed (especially since she willingly ate it last night!!!), but we know this is the first step in a potentially LONG journey!



Gwen (07/2003-11/2009),  * Maya (cancer , 06/2003-10/2013), *Ollie (cancer 07/2013 - 10/2018), *Azalea (cancer, 7/6/2015 - 5/20/2019), Ashe (cancer 04/2011 - 03/2020)

*Aztec (sister of Inca, 12/1996-08/2011), *Inca (half-Siamese kitty ,12/1996 - 9/2016)



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Guest DogNewbie

Good luck with your food changes! I know it can be very frustrating! Our greyhound, Wiley that my partner and I adopted on July 5, has the same problem. OK poops first thing in the mornings then all down hill from there. They seem to get worse as the day goes on. Please let me know how you like the Hill's Prescription i/d Gastrointestinal Health and how it works for Maya. We might end up trying the Iams green bag to see if that helps.


Best of luck!!

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