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I Like To Roo It, Roo It

Guest KPS915

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We're doing a bit better with comings and goings. We haven't come home to pee in over a month and some bitter apple on the crate bars/door stopped the biting.


Some mornings are fantastic and she runs right into her crate and settles in with her daily kong. Other days she whimpers a bit for a while. We do nanny cam her and boy does Miss Lila love to roo when we're not home. She has never rooed in front of us, only in her crate alone. She's kind of funny, most of the time she's sitting or laying down, licking her kong then lifts up her head and roo, roo, roos. She doesn't seem to work herself up as much as before, but we still have some daily rooing/barking before she settles in for the day then doesn't make a peep until we get home from work.

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Guest karilynn

Haha, that is cute. Mine roo's too when he's alone. I came home one night from work and I heard him from the door before I went into my apartment and he was in there talking to himself. It wasn't any louder than a TV or anything, but he was chatting it up with himself, keeping himself entertained.


I'm glad you're making progress! Separation anxiety is tough to deal with.

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