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Crates Are Gone; So Far, So Good-

Guest Psycmeistr

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Guest Psycmeistr

We had crates for our two greys since we got them last November. Initially they really seemed to enjoy the crates as a safe place. We tried leaving the crate doors open when we went to work, but upon our return we would find that they took the liberty to relieve themselves in the next room..same with overnights, too (even though we left them out quite a few times).


The process of closing the doors of the crates during our absence went on for quite some time.


The main problem was that two huge greyhound-sized crates took up much space in our small family room. This led my wife to want to try our grand experiment.


We put up a child security gate in the space between our family room and the livingroom/dining/kitchen area (we have a fairly open floor plan in our house). This confines our hounds mainly to the family room and the hallway to the backyard door.


I'm happy to report that, after three weeks, our hounds have not made one mess.


We also had reservations for our Chesney, who is a bit of a spook and often retreated to his crate as a 'safe place.' But Chesney has adjusted well, and the absence of his crate has actually led him to be more sociable.


Now, I just need to go find a block of wood to knock on :o)

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