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Guest Melissa516

I wanted to share this. I love our vets, and they love greyhounds. They are compassionate and strive to be cutting edge at the same time. They have started a blog which I find very interesting. You can be more involved and participate on Facebook, but either way it's a good read. The links are below. Enjoy!




Angry Vet's blog will offer objective opinions on many controversial topics often not readily available from your local veterinarian. This includes health concerns with over-vaccination, spaying and neutering controversy, and nutritional issues.





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Cool! I've been following this blog and Facebook page since I first found it a couple weeks ago. I haven't agreed with everything they've posted, but it's refreshing to see vets actually addressing some of these controversial issues rather than just going along with the way things have always been done. Educated clients who are responsible and willing to be involved with their pets' healthcare are the best ones to work with.

Jennifer &

Willow (Wilma Waggle), Wiki (Wiki Hard Ten), Carter (Let's Get It On),

Ollie (whippet), Gracie (whippet x), & Terra (whippet) + Just Saying + Just Alice


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