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Ls? Arthritis?

Guest lanielovesgreys

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Guest lanielovesgreys

Vivie was getting a little licky-licky and I thought maybe she had an anal gland issue, so I popped into my vet. One was infected, so they wanted me to meet with the vet. That's fine, so I went in today. My particular vet is awesome in that she does a full check every time we go in. Tips of ears to the tip of the tail, checking every joint. Vivie has always had some arthritis on her right rear leg. She also has a large scar and I have always thought it was just an old injury. But today the vet was stretching her leg out and rotated her tail up and was feeling around the base of her spine. She concluded that it's probably LS. She rx'd tramadol. She says we'll continue this for a few weeks and see where we end up.


I just did a little googling, and now I'm freaked out. Seems like I'm reading conflicting information? Or maybe it just varies a lot based on severity.


Anyone else dealing with LS?

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