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Playing Or Fighting?

Guest DeniseL

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Guest DeniseL

Hi Everyone!


So Miami and Thyme are settling in nicely. They seem to like each other, no food/space/toy aggression at all. Miami (boy) has growled at her once or twice when he is laying down and she gets too close, or when she finished her Kong before he did and got to close to his. But they were just warnings, and she respected his space and walked away (with the cutest dejected look on her face.)


They do like to play fight. At first it was just with him laying on the ground and her play barking/ snappingon top of him. Now he is getting more comfortable and starting to play back. They both snarl and bear teeth, sometimes they both fix their open jaws around the others head. Thyme usually tries to bite his legs or vica versa. Today it got really rough. Miami with his teeth and jaws aroud her head, close to her eyes. I broke it up with a firm no and they both stopped and looked at me. He has tried to mount her a few times, from the back and across the side while she is standing. I stopped him today because he had completly mounted her and was holding on. Both are newly fixed (within the last few months.)


I am just wondering how to know if it gets too rough and turns to aggression? Are there warning signs/ or things to watch out for? Is it ok to let him mount her? So far the will wrestle untill one of them lets out a yelp and then they stop for a while. My fear, of course, is that he will get too rough/ aggressive and hurt her, or just turn to real aggression and I wont be able to stop it. He is a bit bigger than her.


I might add that I have never owned two dogs at once before so this interaction is new to me. Any feedback would be great!



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Playing like that can turn on a dime and you can end up with an injury. If they are playing outside, I would muzzle both. You will save yourself a lot of vet bills as they can easily tear each other because their skin is so thin. I supervise play in the house and when I see things are headed south and someone is getting a little too rough, I stop it. I also do not allow any of the dogs to mount any other dogs in the house. That is a show of dominance from dogs and I stop it immediately.


You can usually tell when things are about to turn serious because the ears will go back, the hair may stand up on their back and the growling/barking will become extremely intense. If that happens it's best to break up the play.

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