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Intense Neck Rubbies After Martingale Walk?

Guest issy

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I'm not worried about this behavior in Enzo, just kind of curious.


He switches between a harness and martingale (great with both, dh and I just prefer different systems, and Enzo is fine with it) and after we take off his martingale inside the house, he decides he wants neck rubbies. We'll rub under his neck and he pushes against us REALLY hard and just bobs his head up and down and really goes to town. He really appears to enjoy this, he just really pushes my hand down hard! I know their necks are sensitive, but we always let him decide how much and how hard of neck rubbies he wants.


The martingale is not too tight, and he does not pull while walking. He doesn't seem to want neck rubbies after using the harness (but I do it anyway and he likes it tons) but he doesn't push my hand down to the floor, lol. I can feel the stuff in his throat moving around...


Anyone else? It it just like a horse rolling in the field to rid themselves of the sensation?


Enzo is almost 4, we've been lucky enough to have him 2 years already. He's done this for about a year and a half.

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