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Buddy developed a sudden swelling under his right tongue and neck last night. He had trouble breathing, so we took a trip to the ER. Gave him benedryl and steroid injection, and he got better, swelling decreased significantly, but it's not going away. I'm worried that this is a ranula, and wondering if anyone else has had this before?1buddyswelling.jpg2buddyswelling.jpg

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Sounds more like an allergic reaction. Ranulas usually don't cause any difficulties breathing and wouldn't immediately respond to antihistamines and steroids. The swelling and fluid build up from an allergic reaction may take a week or two to completely resolve. I hope Buddy makes a quick recovery and doesn't have any more issues.

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Well, he is allergic to bees, so we thought that maybe one stung him under the tongue and caused the swelling, then he bit it, causing the hematoma. I hope that is all that it is. We'll see if the swelling goes down. He's going to be attached to my hip for awhile. I can't even act like I'm going to leave the house without him going into a panic, and starting to pant and pace. Tomorrow will be bring your dog to work day!

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