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Guest amour

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I'm reading a lot about turkey necks, chicken necks etc.I'm wondering about chocking or catching illnesses like ecoly or any others related to raw meat consumption.

Do the chicken feet have the nails attached? I'm asking because my new boy is not used to having his teeth cleaned and till I can do this I would like to get something that will help

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Guest greyhound9797

Most questions you have about feeding raw (even if it's simply for dental benefits) can be found here - http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/242512-raw-feeding-basics/.


Dogs can choke on anything, including kibble, so no need to worry about it when giving necks. However, for a grey, a turkey neck is a more appropriate size than a chicken neck; some hounds will just swallow chicken necks whole without chewing which defeats the purpose of providing dental benefits.


Dogs have a much different digestive tract than humans and the chances of them contracting e-coli or salmonella from raw meat is extremely rare.


Yes, chicken feet have the nails attached but they aren't considered dangerous to eat. Again, they are so small that they won't provide much dental benefit but more nutritional benefits.


If you're looking for long term dental benefits I suggest either feeding raw all the time or training your grey to tolerate a daily tooth brushing. They're prone to having nasty teeth and gums and most will require regular dental cleanings from the vet.


Good luck with your new guy!


Sandra in FL

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dogs have a shorter G.I. tract than humans and ecoli is usually not an issue, I dehyrate chicken feet and my guys love them,, if concerned about teeth there are many types of sprays, and gels on the market than can be used, until your pup will let you brush his teeth, good luck :)

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