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Drinking Pond Water- Yuck!

Guest CakeLady

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Guest CakeLady

Last month, our little female greyhound got really sick and was having explosive diarrhea and vomiting, it was as if she couldn't hold it in. She was taken to the vet, given fluids, etc. - the works- and her blood tests came back fine so they put her on Metronidazole, which helped a ton. She lost a few pounds from being sick but she recovered quickly after going to the vet. We had no idea what could have caused it, as she hadn’t eaten anything strange, or at least not that we knew about. We babied her for about a week (more so than usual) and she was completely recovered.


About 3 weeks later we went to the dog park for the first time since it had gotten warm outside. She went for a swim in the pond as she always did and everything was great. The next day when we came home from lunch she was having the same problems with diarrhea in her crate and we repeated the same treatment as before. Since it happened the day after she went swimming in the pond, we think it has to be from drinking water in the pond. We started thinking back when she was sick we did have a baby pool in the backyard for them to play in and maybe the water was not clean and she drank some of it.


We immediately got rid of the baby pool and do not take her to the dog park with the pond anymore and she hasn’t had a repeat experience yet. Has anyone had this problem with their greyhound drinking out of the pond at the dog park? We thought it was strange because our bigger male greyhound drank out of both and did not get sick, I’m wondering if it has to do with him being 20 lbs. heavier or just not as sensitive. We are very careful about cleaning their water bowls inside now and taking that extra step to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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