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Blackies Privates

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I know it's not popular in this forum or in the grey world but my three boys still have what they were born with. Yesterday had to rush home 'cause blackie bit one of his testicles. They are on frontline and he gets 10gs of benadryl and are up to date on shots, their diet is better than mine. Question is there a powder like corn starch I can use down there to keep them happy. Brindle roaches to air out Blackie really has not gotten the hang of it yet, and I think that my be the problem. Is there a powder you folks would use?

Thanks for not giving me the speach on having them fixed...

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Guest fandogs

I have no suggestion, sorry.. But I do have a boy that isn't fixed.. I'll continue reading this post.. he doesn't roach either. (His roommate hasn't taught him how to do that yet).

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Guest greygirls2

I used a light dusting of Gold Bond's Ultimate Comfort powder for my female when she had chafing down there from the heat & humidity...it's made with corn starch rather than talc and it worked way better than corn starch alone.

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Guest Energy11

I wish I had more suggestions, but mine are all castrated.


How about keeping a human boy's set of boxer shorts on them? I think a little boy's size might work??? Just a thought.

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