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Chase Had A Dental

Guest savvyprchick

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Guest savvyprchick

Chase went in for a dental today. I was told he was going to have 2-4 teeth removed. They ended up having to pull nine. I feel so bad for him. He also doesn't do so well with anesthesia so he's staying overnight since he was having weakness in his hind end. They were going to let me take him home, but with his hatred of steps, he tries to do them really quickly... and he wouldn't be able to do that while still out of it so it's best he stays overnight. Especially with a rambunctious 4 year old greyhound and her clumsy 125lb Great Pyrenees brother around.


This comes at such a horrible time. I'm unemployed and have had to spend $3000 on a car we bought 2 1/2 months ago (to replace my newer one so we could save money... yeah, isn't working out). I haven't even driven it. Every time I go to learn (it's a stick and I've never been taught a stick), something else goes wrong with the car that costs more $$$. My husband is deployed so I do still have his truck I can drive.


Well, this car has nearly drained our emergency bank account. We had just enough money in it (plus taking $250 from our checking account) to cover the highest estimate of the dental (the one with four teeth removed). The vet is being very nice and allowed me to pay the estimate and is giving me 30 days to pay the rest. Unfortunately, it's looking like I'm going to have to sell my car to pay for the dental.


This is just the straw that is breaking my back in a series of stomach punches (the car, the fact DH is deployed and I haven't talked to him in weeks, still on unemployment and have just been told I need to contact Big Navy in October for orders to Iraq/Afghanistan most likely next year <please God, don't let it be this year>).


But on top of all of that, I just feel so bad for Chase. He's never had any teeth removed. They are also "watching" about 10 others. I know he'll be fine and still has so many teeth that he'll not have any problems. But I feel so bad that he must have been really not feeling well with those teeth. He had a dental two years ago and I thought he'd lose some, but the vet didn't think they were bad enough. And she never thought he needed another one... which I kinda did but was following the vet's advice. Wrong choice.

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Guest NeroAmber

I'm so sorry things have been so hard for you, I understand how you feel, and that everything must seem to go wrong, everything you try to make better just seems to turn out worse- but please beleive me, this is hust a bad patch, you will find another job, you will get another car even if you have to sell this one, and as for Chase- he might feel woozy and bad now from the anaesthetic, and he might have been in some discomfort before, but hounds live in the moment, just think how happy he'll be to see you, and how happy and comfortable he'll be now after the surgery, he won't blame you at all, I doubt he'll even remember once he comes home!

When we feel bad and down, everything seems worse. Do yorself a favour and take five minutes to reflect on positive things, even small things, like a sunny day with a breeze, or the fact that your hounds love you. Did you know that the body has trouble distinguishing between reality and imagination?- Well take five or ten minutes and imagine you're on holiday. Really smell the scents, hear the sounds, feel the textures- and your mind will have tricked itself into relaxing. Please take care of yourself, don't worry, things WILL get better.

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