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Dental And A Suspicious Growth Removed

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I don't post often, but I joined GT many years ago, a week or so before I picked up Sam from the kennel. He introduced us to the world of bounced greyhounds.


Right now, he is laying on the floor, on his bed, next to mine. He is recovering from a dental with four extractions (near the front--no molars), blood work, and a biopsy of a black growth on his leg the doctor felt might be a melanoma. Its been shipped off to the lab. Oh, and a pedicure while under the anesthesia. ( A complete package for just under $500!).


I was worried most all of the day today, as he has reacted so adversely to anesthesia before (almost did not wake up the last time, at our previous vet, who followed the appropriate protocols for a gh). He is still groggy, but has walked and peed and drank. I am a bit concerned because the doctor noted that the liver values are slightly elevated in his blood work, and he will need to get these re-done in a few weeks. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what that might mean...I was so preoccupied about the melanoma and his recovery from being under, I didn't really ask about the liver values--just wanted to get him home. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm worrying.


Thanks. Mary Ann

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Guest Energy11

I knew another GH owner who had a melanoma removed from the mouth. It was malignant, but the vet got it all, and it NEVER returned.


Sometimes, their liver values can be elevated from time to time, ... due to anything, really. Curfew's came back higher than normal a while back, but the next blood test ... fine! That is probably the case with your baby, too.


Try not to worry! I am sure things will be fine!


Sending good luck, white light, and many prayers!

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