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Latest Update On Kulee

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I posted a couple of weeks ago that Kulee had turned yellow and her bilirubin and one liver enzyme were elevated. We did an ultrasound that was unremarkable and the liver biopsy came back clean. She's been doing greyt and the labwork that I did yesterday came back just about perfect. Her bilirubin is still just a little elevated (by 0.1 point) but otherwise everything looks good. YAY!!! We don't know what was going on with her but I'm just happy that it appears to have passed on.


Thanks for all of the support!!!

Elphie, Kulee, Amanda, Harmony, Alex (hound mix), Phantom, Norbet, Willis (dsh), Autumn (Siamese) & Max (OSH) & mama rat, LaLa & baby Poppy! My bridge kids: Crooke & Mouse (always in my heart), Flake, Buzz, Snake, Prince (GSD), Justin & Gentry (Siamese), Belle (Aussie/Dalmatian mix), Rupert (amstaff) and Fred, Sirius, Severus, Albus, George, Hagrid, Hermione, Minerva, Marilyn, Wren, Molly, Luna, Tonks, Fleur, Ginny, Neville, Bill, Percy, Rose & Charlie (rats)

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Guest K9Cookies
:yay Wonderful news! :yay Kulee certainly didn't need to give you a major panic attack, but I'm glad that whatever was going on is gone now! :P
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