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Bathroom Training

Guest Ingear

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Guest Ingear

Has anyone has success training your grey to go to the bathroom in one spot in the year, like a corner. I have two greys and would like for them to go in the same spot. Any Ideas.




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Okay, here's what you do. Go to Home Depot or Lowe's and get those orange construction cones you see along the high way. Put the cone in the spot where you want the pup to go. They use these in the turn out pens at the track and all the males will pee on them. If you have a female, have a male dog come over and pee on it for you. The females will pee close to it since they can't pee on it.:lol


Here's a picture of one in my yard, I have 3 because I have 7 males.





These also keep the boys from hiking their legs on my plants in the back yard.

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On "It's Me or the Dog" they put up a section of free standing fence in a corner of the yard, then walked the dogs to that spot to do their business. When they went behind the fence, they got a very yummy treat. It took time and patience, but eventually the dogs went out there automatically when it was time to go potty.



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