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Peeing In House And Crate -- Not Regularly

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Guest Mom2Comet

So...Nup has been with us since late July. DH works from home so he's rarely gone for more than 4-6 hours and we never let them go more than 6 hours without a potty break. She graduated out of her crate in late Fall and was doing great. Then she started having accidents in the house. Sometimes it was our fault - didn't make her go potty before we left, etc. but then sometimes she'd have an accident after only 2 hours and having peed/pooped immediately before we left.


We started over and began crating her again. She was doing great for the past 2 weeks and tonight, after being gone 2.5 hours we come home to find pee in her crate.


She's been on a course of Cephalexin already. She used to hate her crate (broke the water bowl, broke the bars) but since we added Harrison who still uses a crate she's been wanting to be in the crate. (we have 2 up now, adding crate #3 for Chick who comes tomorrow!) We thought maybe it was separation anxiety but then again wonder if she's just a pain in the butt!


She is a skittish girl - was stubborn in the kennel, doesn't trust people right away and won't eat if I'm behind her (she's ok with DH though). We will have our trainer come to the house now that we've created a pack (4 greys) but wondered if anyone had any other ideas.


All the dogs go out for walks and potty breaks several times during the day - minimum is probably 6-8 times per day actually. Out first thing in morning, out after meals, out before we leave the house, out when we come home, out when someone paces or stands at the door and out right before bed. Water is never restricted but she's never a huge guzzler.


Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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