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What Is This Small Cyst On My Girl's Head (picture)

Guest got2now

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I can't figure our what this is, even after reading posts about cysts on GT. It is a small, hard, white bump on the top of her head, right in the middle. It's a little smaller than an uncooked kernel of popcorn. It's not attached to her skull, and it doesn't seem to be popable. Anyone seen these things before?







Sorry, I tried to post this picture but couldn't get it with mypetpages. Yes, I did read the instructions :huh

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Guest Energy11

I couldn't open your link, but, sounds like a wart from your description. Goldie has a few of them on her body. Unless it grows or changes in size/margins change, usually nothing to worry about. Always the peace of mind to have a vet take a look, though.


Good Luck!

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My Cali has had those on her head. (I called her 'dog whose brains are leaking out of her head') and they seem to come and go and are pretty small. Then one time she had this thing on her foot that looked like a toenail that had grown into her pad or that is growing out of her pad. Her nails have never been that long and I tugged at it a bit and she didn't appear to be in pain nor did it seem to hamper her walking. I went to look at it a few days later and it was gone and there was no hole in her pad from it...weird. Anyhow my point is that someone posted about hard horney growths and this is what I think my girl has had. Of course they've never been there when she sees the vet, so I don't worry about them unless she'd appear to be in pain or they get really big, then we'd have the vet stop by and evaluate them. Perhaps this is what your girl has going on??? Anyhow, hope it's nothing and it goes away on it's own!



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