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Broken Toe

Guest brindleandfawn

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Guest brindleandfawn

My beautiful boy Cooper started carrying his front left foot last night after a back yard visit. We took him to the vet today and he has a broken toe. :( We have no idea what happened. He now has a wrapped splint that goes almost up to his knee.(Do dogs have knees?)


Anyway, after $300 we're back home. It's supposed take 8 weeks to heal and we are to take him back every two weeks to have it checked. He can't get it wet which will be difficult. Our problem now is that he's already working on the wrap. Anyone out there have advice about broken greyhound toes?


He's on Carprofin (anti-inflamatory) and tramadol (for pain).

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Guest Energy11
Do you think they'd fit over his big splint and wrap?

If you get the larger size, they probably will. Might be worth a call to the company, explain what you are dealing with, and they could suggest the right size. As you saw on the web page, they aren't just for greys.


Good Luck!

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