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Petsmart Inflatable E Collar?

Guest brit1

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My non grey licked a sore place on hind foot between two toes. Tomorrow going to vet to get whatever it was he gave me last time - looks like crazy glue and you put a dab on the sore place. I have tried putting socks and taping them but this afternoon he ate part of a sock so I am afraid to put them on again. Thinking of purchasing the inflatable ecollar that Petsmart has, I know he would freak out if I put a cone on him. Has anyone tried the Petsmart collar? Thanks


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Guest sheila

chances are that even with any kind of collar on him he will still be able to reach his hind foot to lick at the wound. To prevent licking you might be better off using his basket muzzle with a poop guard in it, or duct tape over the front of it.

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just an fyi, my hound went crazy over a regular e-collar type cone but was just fine with the comfy cone..I bought the largest size and she was not able to lick anything.

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