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Bad Breath

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I failed fostering with Radar a little over 5 years ago. Ever since I've had him, he's had extremely BAD breath. I've done the teeth cleaning, minty treats, vet exams, etc. Nothing has exposed the reason for the green fog, and nothing appears to be wrong.


He acts fine, eats fine, etc. But, he's turned from spooky shy dog into super affectionate dog over the years and while I'm happy beyond belief at that, Oh. My. Word. His BREATH! :sick


Any suggestions? (besides a gas mask?)



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Guest tumeria33

If his teeth and gums are clean and healthy, the only other suggestion I would have is to check his food. Maybe there is something he is eating that is giving him bad breath. I know when my significant other eats garlic, I don't want to get too close!!

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Digestive enzymes are supposed to help if the problem is coming from his GI system rather than his mouth. (I use them daily for my dog, but can't vouch for their effect on breath.) This is what I use, there are other brands: http://www.petco.com/product/15189/In-Clov...d-for-Dogs.aspx It certainly couldn't hurt him in any way to try it.


Have you consulted with a vet about the breath issue specifically?

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Guest greyvettech

I wold agree in that if he has no mouth/gum/dental issues, it could certaintly be coming from his GI system. In fact, my Lexi has virtually no tartar or gingivitis but has horrible breath,and really always has.... :huh

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