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How Long After A Dental....

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.....how long after having a dental should I wait, before I give Ruby stuff to chew on? I am thinking of offering her some chews (someone suggested Merrick's flossies to me). I also have a couple of Merrick turkey "steaks", and a package of "Busy Bones" that someone gave me....


Does chewing stuff like the flossies really help with gum/teeth issues?

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Guest trevdog

How long ago did she have it done? Last week I'm thinking? She should be ok to go. We do bully stix here, haven't tried the flossies, but those and trying to brush a few times a week do seem to help with the gums and teeth. I also give marrow bones 1x a week in the summer....My Ossie had an extraction last year and I think he was back chewing away in a few days.

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Guest Greensleeves

Um... we're going with tonight (she had the dental yesterday). She had two extractions, and I figure she's smart enough not to chew down hard where it hurts/feels weird. If we didn't have such an in-grained routine here, I'd push it probably two more days... but I'm not sure we can withstand a third night of Miss Tessa not getting her daily chew. :lol

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