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How Long Until I See A Change With Id And Flagly For The Big D?

Guest EnzaFerrari

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Guest EnzaFerrari

First a lot of information for as the vet tech said today - I'm a data dumper.


On Monday, Enza went from having firm stools to pudding stools. So I put her on the bland diet on Tuesday and by tuesday night, she had explosive diarrhea. I spoke with my vet who said to keep her on the bland diet and keep an eye on her and let him know if there was no change. We both thought it was just something she ate. And as I had panacur from the last deworming experience, I treated her with that as well.


By Wednesday, she no longer had explosive diarrhea but the two times she went, it still wasn't formed - just not liquid. But as the viscosity was improving, I wasn't too worried as she still had energy, etc.


Friday night, she had a formed but mushy and really...mucosy movement. I am thinking - success!!


This morning, it was back to straight diahrrea and she was lethargic (had zero interest in going on a walk) and she hadn't had water outside the bland diet of chicken and rice "soup" I made her to make sure she had some liquid in her. Plus, she was really whiny and clingy when I left for my good friend's funeral today.


Took her to the vet today and her normal vet was on duty today. We are doing a fecal, and because the chicken and rice wasn't working, he gave me the I/D prescription soft food and 10 days worth of Flagyl. He says it firms up his greyhound every time. And of course she was her normal chipper self at the vet and turned back into a sloth at home.


So...my question is this - how long until it starts to make a difference - any difference. She's had soft stool and even bouts of D before, but never this long and never to the point of dehydration etc. Also - it says to feed several small meals and while I can do that tomorrow, how should I schedule it during the week? I tend to feed her at 6 AM and then around 5. Maybe leave her a little before I head out like in her kong and then a bit more at bedtime?


She is certainly better than Tuesday, and I know she isn't as sick as other doggies that are in my thoughts and prayers, but I've been a stress ball all week.



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Guest SoulsMom

Well, Soul's been on Flagyl twice. The first time he firmed up in a few days. This time around (possible HGE diagnosis) he's still not firm and it's been since Wednesday that he started the meds.


I wasn't told to do the small meals in conjuction with the Flagyl tho . . . .Since he's been sick he now gets three meals a day. One in the morning with his pill, one around 4pm, then a snack around 8:30 with his evening pill. He's on the straight I/D diet as well.


I hope she feels better soon :grouphug

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My girl had D two weeks ago -- I think from some liverwurst I put in her Kong, though she hasn't achieved firm poop yet on the high end foods I was trying anyway (most recently Evo). I can't say the Flagyl has made any perceptible difference, and we're almost through the course. The D stopped but poops continued really mushy, worse than they'd been. Finally got an OK from the vet to try a food change -- he'd wanted me to keep on Evo for the time being. We're in the middle of a switch now and things seem to be improving, though to jury's still out on to what degree.

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