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"ingrown" Claw Question

Guest HutchKC

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Guest HutchKC

Payton's back right outside toe is almost inverted such that it naturally points in towards the adjacent toe rather than down. We had her claws trimmed about 2 weeks ago. There is a period of nail growth where it really irritates the inside of the next toe. Basically, the claw can be short enough or long enough but not between.


So a couple questions... first, on her left rear paw, the claw is missing (likely removed for the same reason?). Should we consider having this one removed as well? If not, what is the best way to treat the wound until the claw grows out? Going on walks is the primary irritant. And what is the best way to get her to cooperate during treatment? She has yelped and snapped at us each time we've tried to apply ointment. The only time that seems to work is after a walk and with her standing. Something to do with fatigue and submissiveness maybe?


Finally, it's awkward to post this as others, like ember and soul, go through much more difficult and serious situations. My thoughts have been with each of you through your ordeals. I hope our situation is as benign as I want to believe it its.


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Guest GreysAndMoreGreys

Do you use a dremel on the nails? If not this might be the way to go as just clipping the nails can leave rough edges that will irritate more than if you file them down.


Also if you can just work on this one nail more often than the others. Maybe using a dremel every few days to continue to keep that one nail shorter.


As far as removing that nail, I wouldn't do that.


If there is irritation and it seems more aggravate when you go for walks you might want to try maybe a cotton ball lightly wrapped to keep it in place so the nail is not rubbing so much on the toe next to it. Remove cotton ball after walk.

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