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Another Corn Question

Guest simile

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I was trimming dog nails last night and I found this on Tip's foot:






Well, it didn't look like this last night. It was flat and looked more like he'd cut or torn the edge of his pad and it was healing. Now it's raised and hard. The thing is, with all the snow, seems like a bunch of blood from a foot wound would be pretty noticeable. Also, he hasn't been favoring that foot any more than normal, but that's the foot with the dislocated toe from this summer, so he will occasionally do a little hop skip when he's walking or trotting. He still runs and does zoomies with the other pups.


Anyway, I've never seen a corn, but I'm guessing that's what this is and it seems to be growing pretty fast. Do I take him in to the vet or try to file it and bag balm it?

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You may want to shoot a PM to Dr. Feeman here on GT. He's a vet here in Ohio that has done research on corns and uses the hulling technique. With such a clear photo, he may be able to give you some feedback. I think his member name is FeemanDVM, but you may want to double check. Good luck!

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Guest Greyt_dog_lover

I have a similar questions in another thread. It would appear that my guy has a corn, but he doesnt appear to be in any pain. Are they allways painful and need to be removed/hulled?



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Just a quick update on Tip's corn and the help I received.


I took Smiley's advice and PMed Dr Freeman who sent me a great article regarding corns and their removal. I printed it out for my vet, who was happy to have it. She'd never seen a corn on a dog before (but had dealt with lskdhtowieyhty {that's what it sounded like to me} - a hardening of the pad tissue around the edges of the pads). Anyway, she easily and successfully removed the corn, and Tip was a champ! Everyone was so impressed with how mellow, sweet and he was about the whole thing.


We'll keep an eye on his feet, apply some ointment she gave me, and see what happens next.


Thanks for the help!

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