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Otto...2 Years Ago This Weekend

Guest BlueCrab

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Guest BlueCrab

Husband and I race cars. This weekend starts the national championship races in Topeka KS and once again we're packing to leave on Saturday. It was two years ago today - the Thursday before the championships - that Otto bloated as we were packing to leave. We're lucky that most of the race tracks we go to allow us to bring the dogs and Heartland Park in Topeka is one of those great tracks. So the boys - Otto and Duke at that time - were going to go with us. Their first cross-country trip.


Otto stumbled out of his crate at 11 pm to find me in the living room packing gear in bins to tell me "momma, something's wrong". I knew immediatley what it was and started screaming - real VOG stuff - for DH who was out loading the car trailer. In the midst of a nor'easter, to boot. Because of the mess Otto had made all over the house on his way out to find me, we had to take both Otto and Duke in the van to the e-vet although I really hated to put Duke thru that sort of stress.


I'll never forget that night as long as I live. Holding Otto in the back of the van, telling DH to run the damned red lights on the way to the vet - that I'd bet any cop in our county who'd stop us would sympathize with my beautiful German Shepherd in the midst of dying. We ended up losing Otto on that Saturday. Another creepy day for me (the date was the 7th). Dukie went to Topeka without his brother and we loved on him doubly during the trip to make up for his - and our - loss.


And so this day just gives me the willies. I'm going home to do the same thing tonight...pack bins for the trip. But I'm also gonna give my 'kids' lots of kisses and thank DoG for their (knock on wood) continued good health. The 'kids' are going with us again - as usual. They seem to love spending time at the tracks with us and so many dog-owners who don't bring theirs come by to spend time with ours.


But this day just sticks with me.







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I am so sorry. Otto will be making this trip with you...tucked safely in your heart. :grouphug


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