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Laddie Swallowed An Entire Latex Surgical Glove

Guest amn70

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Yes, you heard me.. I let him out this morning and he was pooping and I saw something odd come out. I walked over to look and sure enough it was a completely intact latex glove. I could not figure out how he managed to get his paws on one and then found out my mother had used one when she was cleaning the bathroom and threw it in the bathroom garbage. Normally we keep the bathroom door closed because he steals tissues and empty toilet paper rolls but he never eats those. Just relocates them. Apparently he found the latex glove to tasty to simply relocate.


*WHEW*, I am so glad it did not get stuck in his digestive system. Looks like we are going to have to be more diligent about grey-proofing the house.




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:rolleyes: Oh sweetie...you shouldn't eat those! Glad everything was ok in the "end" :P:lol


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