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Update On Frankie!

Guest shadesofgrey

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Guest shadesofgrey

Thank you to everyone for the welcomes and well-wishes!


To all of you local MA grey owners who said hello, keep in touch! I'm planning on taking her to a Greyhound walk with Greyhound Adventures soon. I just don't want to walk her too much too soon because of her healing leg. Also, she's super shy so far around other dogs, including other greyhounds! She just stands there like a statue and looks around as if saying, "Is it over yet??" Hehe. Maybe she would react differently in a large group of greyhounds, but I don't want to push it too much just yet.




Frankie was a total angel. She was nice and relaxed on the car ride home from her foster mom's house and kenneled not so easily the first time, but readily the second and every time after. She only whined a little when she was in her crate for a while, but would quiet down on command once she got her evening walk and a bit of water, she settled down fine and slept through the night without incident. Like the lady she is, she took care of business neatly and like the good dog she is, OUTSIDE. Ha!


No accidents and no mishaps! I'm really pleased with the way things are going. She's even warmed up to me more this morning when we woke up for a walk. Despite her injury from this summer, she even lept up a little bit when trotting down the hall to go outside! So cute!


I will have more photos as soon as I can get her relaxed and cozy. Will make things as simple as possible for the moment.


Thank you for all of the support and I'm sure I will have questions!



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