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Guest TinasTroops

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Guest TinasTroops

2008 Mini-Vet School www.nfvsonline.com


The 2008 dates are four consecutive Thursday evenings October 2 - 30

from 7-9 p.m. at the University at Buffalo Main Street campus, Farber

Hall, Butler Auditorium. Additional information will be posted as it

becomes available.


UB School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences invites those who want

to learn about veterinary medicine and the connection between

research and the advances in veterinary care to enroll in this

lecture series.


Participants in the Mini-Vet School will meet and hear some of the

most dynamic teachers from among the accomplished veterinarians in

Western New York.


Mini-Vet School graduates will receive a certificate attesting to the

completion of 10 hours of veterinary science.


The beneficial effects of living with devoted and playful pets on the

physical and psychological well-being of their owners have been well-

documented. At the same time, pet owners are committed to maintaining

the good health and happiness

of their faithful pets.


In the middle of these beneficial reciprocal relationships between

humans and animals are the dedicated, competent practitioners of

veterinary medicine who strive with consummate training and skill to

cope with the myriad of diseases and injuries that affect these



Where people and science meet

In UB's Mini-Vet School, you will learn about the causes and

treatments of the conditions that affect your pets, as well as some

of the latest advances in veterinary medicine.


The Mini-Vet School is a five-week series of lectures by accomplished

and dynamic veterinarians from Western New York. For two hours each

Thursday evening, they lead you on a fascinating journey of

discovery. Each lecture will be a"course" in a subject covered in

veterinary school.


Graduates of the Mini-Vet School will not be eligible to practice

veterinary medicine, but will have a better understanding of their

pets' health!


Thursday evenings – 7-9 p.m.

Farber Hall, University at Buffalo - Main Street Campus


October 2 The Whole Picture

TOPIC: Holistic Medicine

Cindy Lankenau, DVM


Wild and Wonderful Felines

TOPIC: Feral Cat Issues

Kathleen F. Makolinski, DVM, ASPCA


October 9 The Perfect Smile

TOPIC: Dentistry

David E. Hansen, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC


Horsing Around

TOPIC: Equine Medicine

Jeanne Best, DVM


October 16 Under the Knife

TOPIC: Surgery

Jim Fingeroth, DVM, DACVS


Comfortably Sleeping Through It

TOPIC: Anesthesia

Robert M. Stein, DVM, DAAPM


October 23 Dreaming of a career with animals?

TOPIC: Becoming a Veterinary Professional

Stephanie Westerman, DVM


Quick, my pet needs help!

TOPIC: Emergency Care

Liane O'Hora, DVM


October 30 Nemo's Health- It's in the Water

TOPIC: Aquatic Medicine

Ed Latson, MS, DVM,

Aquarium of Niagara


From Anteaters To Zebras

TOPIC: Zoo Medicine

Kurt Volle, DVM, Buffalo Zoo



Series registration is $50 per person (reduced rates for students and


Individual dates $20

To register call 829-2196 or go to: www.smbs.buffalo.edu/minimed.


Program brought to you by the Niagara Frontier Veterinary Society and

the University at Buffalo's School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences


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Guest winli02

I am probably not going to it myself...but I know a bunch of local greyhound folks here that are going...if anyone travels to this and wants to meet for dinner, lemme know!

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