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Mass In Soft Tissue Of Lower Jaw

Guest MySkye

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Anyone here have a greyhound or known of a greyhound that has had an infected salivatory gland? Just was handed a phone message from a previous adopter who explained her dog has a mass that literally grew overnight and pushed the dogs tongue completely up in the way of the airway. Dog went to e-vet over the Labor Day Weekend, the yahoo told the adopter "probably cancer" without a biopsy, scaring the adopter. The dog was treated for an infection and to follow up with her vet ASAP, which she is doing this AM.


An previous infected Salivatory Gland stories out there?




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Guest LindsaySF

Could be an absessed tooth, swollen lymph node, infected salivary gland, etc. They won't know if it's cancer without a biopsy.


Did they give the dog antibiotics? Has the swelling gone down at all?

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